Sergei Savikhin

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Sergei Savikhin
PHYS 295
(765) 494-3017

Lab: Physics 295

Curriculum Vitae


M.S., summa cum laude, Tartu State University
Ph.D., 1990, Tartu State University

Research Interests
  • Femtosecond optical studies of artificial and natural biological systems.
  • Membrane proteins: structure and function, structure-based computer modeling
  • Exciton kinetics in semiconductors, molecular crystals and biological structures.
  • Biomimetic devices.
  • Ultrafast experimental techniques.

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Awards and Honors
  • Ruth and Joel Spira Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching (Department of Physics) 2003
  • Seeds of Excellence Award for success in attracting large sponsored programs (Purdue University) 2004
Teaching Interests Professional Experience Publications, conferences, talks
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