Andrew Elmore

Andrew Elmore at Department Reception.png

Outstanding Alumni 2015

  • 1997, B.S., Applied Physics, Purdue University
  • 1999, M.S., Geological Sciences, Brown University
  • 2003, Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Brown University

Associate Professor, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Andrew Elmore works broadly across issues relevant to global environmental change, with a particular focus on landscape ecology, biogeochemical cycling in watersheds, and the management of land and water. He applies an array of tools to these problems, including remote sensing data analysis and Geographical Information Science (GIS). Recent work has focused on measuring the effect of groundwater decline on wind erosion and air quality in deserts; the impact of urban stream burial on stream network structure and functioning; and, how small-scale spatial variability in forest phenology influences forest responses to climate change. 

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