Override Information

Overrides for PHYS&ASTR courses

All overrides for PHYS and ASTR courses need to be done by a Physics Staff member (Carol Buuck-buuck@purdue.edu or Janice Thomaz- thomazj@purdue.edu ).

  • Pre-Req Overrides - when transfering courses satisfying the pre-req: Please have your student (or advisor) send the staff members listed above a screen shot of the course registration at the transfer institution along with the override request.  It is the student's responsibility to contact the physics staff one week before the start of classes with a screen shot of the student's transcript showing the grade awarded.
  • Overrides for PHYS 233 (to be requested by student's advisor): Please have the advisor fill out the PHYS 233 override form (Word) and send it to Carol and/or Janice

The Physics Staff will notify the requestor (via email) when the override is approved and placed into the system.  Once completed, the student must register for the class.

***An approved override does NOT mean the registration is done. The student MUST register for the class. 

*** Students can see that an override has been entered into banner via myPurdue: See overrides placed on Mypurdue   

Last Updated: May 6, 2016 3:45 PM