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Physics and Astronomy Courses — Fall 2017

ASTR263Descriptive Astronomy: The Solar SystemLang, Rafael
ASTR363Intermediate Astronomy ICui, Wei K.
ASTR370CosmologyLee, Kyoung-Soo
PHYS104First Year Physics SeminarHorngren, Lynne
Susalla, Peter
PHYS172Modern MechanicsPushkar, Yulia
Zhou, Qi
PHYS172HModern Mechanics - HonorsRebello, Carina
PHYS172IMPModern MechanicsHirsch, Andrew S.
PHYS214The Nature of PhysicsMiller, David H.
PHYS215Physics For Elementary Education Rebello, Sanjay
PHYS217Introduction To Current Physics And Forefront ResearchMiller, David H.
PHYS218General PhysicsCsathy, Gabor
PHYS219General PhysicsGutay, Laszlo J.
PHYS220General PhysicsBarnes, Virgil E.
PHYS221General Physics Cui, Wei K.
PHYS233Physics For Life Sciences IDurbin, Stephen M.
PHYS234Physics For Life Sciences IIRitchie, Ken
PHYS241Electricity and OpticsPyrak-Nolte, Laura
Koltick, David S.
PHYS241DElectricity and
PHYS272Electric And Magnetic InteractionsCarlson, Erica
PHYS290MService Learning OutreachJones, Matthew
PHYS295Outreach Assistance as Service LearningSederberg, David
PHYS306Mathematical Methods of Physics IFischbach, Ephraim
PHYS310Intermediate MechanicsSavikhin, Sergei
PHYS322OpticsLi, Tongcang
PHYS330Intermediate Electricity and MagnetismMalis, Oana
PHYS340Modern Physics Laboratory (was 342L)Xie, Wei
PHYS342Modern PhysicsYong, Chen
PHYS344Modern PhysicsHaugan, Mark P.
PHYS370Special Topics in PhysicsLee, Kyong-Soo
PHYS410Physical Mechanics I (Honors) Nolte, David D.
PHYS416Thermal and Statistical Physics (Honors) Mugler, Andrew
PHYS431Electricity And Magnetism II (Honors)Jung, Andreas
PHYS450Optics Laboratory I (Honors)Reifenberger, Ronald G.
PHYS460Quantum Mechanics I (Honors)Rodriguez, Jorge
PHYS521Survey of Classical PhysicsMolnar, Denes
PHYS550Introduction to Quantum MechanicsLyutikov, Maxim
PHYS556Introductory Nuclear PhysicsWang, Fuqiang
PHYS561Galaxies and Large Scale StructureLister, Matthew
PHYS564Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics IJones, Matthew
PHYS567Observational Techniques In AstronomyPeterson, John
PHYS570KPhysics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductor StructuresRokhinson, Leonid
PHYS570QStochastic Processes in PhysicsIyer-Biswas, Srividya
PHYS570STopics In Atomic TheoryGreene, Christopher
PHYS570WIntro to Ultracold Atomic PhysicsHung, Chen-lung
PHYS580Computational PhysicsNakanishi, Hisao
PHYS595Physics Curriculum DevelopmentSederberg, David
PHYS600Methods of Theoretical Physics ILyanda-Geller, Yuli
PHYS605Pedagogical Methods for Physics Graduate Students (was 670A)Rebello, Carina
PHYS617Statistical MechanicsMuzikar, Paul F.
PHYS630Advanced Theory Of Electricity And MagnetismKhlebnikov, Sergei
PHYS645Electron Theory of Solids IBiswas, Rudro
PHYS660Quantum Mechanics IKruczenski, Martin
PHYS661Quantum Mechanics IIGiannios, Dimitrios
PHYS662Quantum Field Theory ILove, Sherwin T.
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